a bit of housekeeping...

We remember to take out the rubbish every Tuesday night, grab milk for breakfast and bread for lunches but how often do we remember to check our insurances, subscriptions, licenses or registrations to ensure that one hasn't slipped through the cracks and ended up in our Junk folder or worst, unpaid!

As it is important to keep your affairs in order so is checking annually to see that you have paid your license, insurance or registrations. An easy one to forget is your Business Name renewals as they may occur once every three years and can easily be forgotten.

It is as simple as putting a reminder in your phone for a "once a year check" of all your renewals, it takes 2 minutes and may save you hard ache down the track.

A missed car registration will not only cost you a new road worthy certificate, re-registration and a change of a number plate but will also make your motor vehicle insurance null and void.

A missed Business Name Renewal may cost you your business name. If unpaid for over 6 months, you may not be able to re-register and will need to apply for a new one.


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