We have great news! We have partnered with HR Central to bring more value &support to you!

We are all aware of the stress and concerns that employing people can put on a business owner.

Ensuring correct payments, entitlements, award interpretation and management of performance is sometimes complex and time consuming.

This email is to inform you that if you are requiring any HR support including documentation such as contracts, or policies or are looking for advice and support or even if you are considering a review of your current HR process, we are now partnered with a third party provider HR Central specifically to support you in this increasingly complex area.

This partnership has been created with your interests at heart as the professional advice and solutions we can now support you with are tailored to any business, any size and anywhere in Australia.

The sorts of ways that we can support you are;

  • Contract templates

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Advice and documentation for those businesses employing people for the first time

  • A review of your existing HR process and updating your documents, such as contracts

  • Salary, award and entitlement information

  • Other HR advice (terminations etc)

Software that can manage daily HR tasks such as compliance, certifications, contracts, onboarding and performance.

So, before you make a decision regarding your Human Resources, why not have a chat to us first and let’s work together to get your sorted!

Yours truly,

Rita Kyparisis

Bay Business Solutions Group

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