Xero Pricing Increase Update

In May, Xero announced that there were some updates coming to Xero’s business and partner edition pricing.

As a reminder, from 23 September 2021, the cost of Xero Standard and Premium plans will increase in Australia (the price for Starter will remain the same):

Standard by $2 per month

Premium 5 by $3 per month

Premium 10 by $3 per month

Premium 20 by $8 per month

Premium 50 by $10 per month

Premium 100 by $11 per month

From 16 March 2022, the cost of Xero Cashbook plans will increase in Australia (with the exception of Ledger):

Non-GST Cashbook by $1 per month

GST Cashbook by $2 per month

Payroll Cashbook by $2 per month

You can find more details on pricing at their web page.

*For Our Clients that are on a Fixed Monthly Package with us where we hold your Xero Subscription, this Xero price increase will be adjusted automatically therefore there is no further action required from you.

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